Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Afternoon Tea Bears"

Nula, Rosie and Becca
Meet Nula,Rosie and Becca.They are part my new collection,"Afternoon Tea Bears".They are all in the shop now.They where so much fun to do,the only thing I didn't like was trying to turn the arms and legs the right way out.I tried so many times with failure, often sticking the end of my chopstick through the material.Eventually I got there and I'm glad I persevered because it gives them a more delicate look.I'm planning on making some more softies this week,I'm thinking foxes?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ahh success

Just a quick post to let you know that there is a new softie on the way.Her name is Bronte and she is a woodland bear.She is actually quite delicate but she will be able to withstand some tough love.I can just imagine her becoming a little girls companion,being dragged everywhere and loved to bits.I'm so pleased with Bronte,she turned out exactly like my picture.Cant wait to show you but I'm afraid I cant get back behind the camera until Saturday as I'm off to work for the next two days.See you then

Rosie I adore you!

Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy is one of the most talented,creative and not to mention beautiful people I have come across on the internet.Her style is truly unique and her photos are so surreal.Her ideas amaze me and so to dose her age! She is only 19 years old! I know crazy huh,how can someone so young possess skills that take years to master.A truly gifted human being I say. I too feel gifted to be able to enjoy her stunning photography.I love you Rosie,your the best.Check out rosies website here.WARNING highly addictive.By the way the photos above are self portraits by Rosie.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tempting Fabrics

so retro!
Just luurve these fabrics
Im going to use these on my new dolls

On sale!

Nishi & Luca wool bunny's on sale until Monday the 9th of August.Originally $59.00 now $42.00!
Grab your own bunny here

"love LuLu"

This week I have been planning some new dolls.I was hoping to achieve a more simple look with effective choices in fabrics.I'm thrilled with the outcome and I  cant wait to put the new girls in the shop.This range will be called "love LuLu" dolls.They have an almost retro feel and they will have different color hair from red,blue and even pink.They will retail for 35.00 and I am hoping to put them in the shop tomorrow if the weather holds up.The mountain where I live often has its head in the clouds on rainy days, so today's light was very flat and put a blue color cast over the photos.Perhaps tomorrow I will get some golden light?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Custom order for a special birthday girl

Meet Princess Pia, a custom order for a special birthday girl.When I was asked to do a white kitty in pink and lace I was so excited! I just love pink and I have a box filled with lovely laces.I enjoyed my self so much I kept on working till 1 in the morning.I hope she likes it.She has a beaded headpiece,pink tweed caplet,button front pinafore and crochet lace boots.She even has a little bag that can fit a little extra surprise.
Pia's beaded head piece
On another note.Today I attempted to design a new nooshka doll.I want a doll that I can have at a lower price point so I have to hold back on all the extra details to create a doll that is modern and stylized yet eye catching and effective.Sometimes it is the simple things that are most popular.The trick will be to use good fabric combination's.Unfortunately I have been bugged with a dreaded tooth ache.It has progressively gotten worse and now I have swelling in one side of my face.I'm pretty good with pain but when I have pain anywhere from the shoulders upwards I just crumble.So my doll has been put on hold until  I can get my tooth removed.The only thing I'm dreading now is the dentists bill.
"Princess Pia"
Pia's floral clutch
Button front pinafore

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My new bird song mobiles

PDF Patterns

I'm now offering PDF Patterns in the etsy store.They are both super easy to sew and can easily be done in a day.I am even thinking I might do some more.A simple con purse and a doll should be in the store soon.This week I have been slowly adding stock to the shop.I have never had any more than 20 items in my store at one time.At the moment have 26 so ts looking nice and full.I still have more tweed doggies,mobiles and some baby's gifts to list.I also have two new designs in the pipeline so stay tuned for those.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A great new start for etsy

Its been a great start to my return to etsy.Lots of views along with hearts.Featured in four treasury's in four days and to top it off my first sale! I hope my dream run continues to build.To the left is my bird cage cushion that has been featured in two Treasury's at the same time.I have used a pure wool blanket for the background and stitched all the wires on with my machine.It was a fun piece to do but because of its shape I had to stuff it so it has a bit of weight behind it.I can easily imagine this design on a kindy bag with a draw string top.As I have a fair bit of stock to get through and a bit of time on my hands before stock gets low I thought I might try and source some leather and make some small clutches and if all goes well  I would like to also do some paintings.But tomorrow I'm back to work so Ill have to wait for the weekend to start listing and crafting again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Babylock Sashiko machine!

So I went to training on Sunday for the new babylock machine and I was very impressed.Baby lock have perfectly replicated the look of traditional Japanese hand stitches through the new Sashiko machine.I was so impressed I immediately started thinking of all the possible applications for this beauty.Cushions,edge stitching on clothes,stitching for my softies,curtains and home decor.It was also easy to use as it works with only bobbin thread.The retail price is around $3850.00 Australian dollars.Rather expensive but that's the price you pay for such quality and precision that babylock dose so well.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Babylock surprise

Today I'm off to Brisbane for training on three new babylock machines.If your not familiar with babylock then your missing out.They are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to overlockers.It will be interesting to see what they have to show us today. Afterward s we are attending a dinner.What a treat, a day of uninterrupted sewing and a lovely dinner after wards.

Im back on the etsy scene...finally!

Wow its been a busy 9 months but finally I can say my shop is open!.I'm just starting with a small amount of stock but altogether I have made over 70 items. I think I had forgotten that listing an item is a long process.I think I will be busy listing for the next three weeks? Overall I'm rapped with all of my new designs and this year I plan to not burn out like I did last year.I learnt a lot from my mistakes. I learnt that custom orders are rewarding but very stressful and that although flattering, wholesale orders really didn't see me receiving much back in the long run apart from the satisfaction I had in saying "my dolls are in Paris". So this year I have decided that I wont be taking any wholesale or custom orders so I can do things at my pace and hopefully avoid the dreaded burnout.I have also started to value my products and the time I am putting into each item so I have reflected this in my prices. One habit I have to force myself out of is analyzing my store.Last year I was either in the forums,looking at my shop,visiting craft cult ,Google analytics or face book when I finally realized that all of that time in front of the computer could have been spent in front of the sewing machine.This year its all about producing more items for the shop and getting on the computer only when it is necessary.Another goal is also to treat my blog more like a diary and to blog often so I hope to be here again soon.

Here is a picture of my new "nishi" Bunny. I have been wanting to do a bunny now for a long time but have never managed to achieve "that look" the last one I did looked more like an alien and is now living somewhere out in trash world. So just last week I sat for over an hour sketching until I finally came up with little nishi.I also did a boy version so for the first time I actually have some thing to offer the boys. 
Well I must be of now as its bed time for the little and crafting time for me.
nooshka x