Saturday, July 10, 2010

Im back on the etsy scene...finally!

Wow its been a busy 9 months but finally I can say my shop is open!.I'm just starting with a small amount of stock but altogether I have made over 70 items. I think I had forgotten that listing an item is a long process.I think I will be busy listing for the next three weeks? Overall I'm rapped with all of my new designs and this year I plan to not burn out like I did last year.I learnt a lot from my mistakes. I learnt that custom orders are rewarding but very stressful and that although flattering, wholesale orders really didn't see me receiving much back in the long run apart from the satisfaction I had in saying "my dolls are in Paris". So this year I have decided that I wont be taking any wholesale or custom orders so I can do things at my pace and hopefully avoid the dreaded burnout.I have also started to value my products and the time I am putting into each item so I have reflected this in my prices. One habit I have to force myself out of is analyzing my store.Last year I was either in the forums,looking at my shop,visiting craft cult ,Google analytics or face book when I finally realized that all of that time in front of the computer could have been spent in front of the sewing machine.This year its all about producing more items for the shop and getting on the computer only when it is necessary.Another goal is also to treat my blog more like a diary and to blog often so I hope to be here again soon.

Here is a picture of my new "nishi" Bunny. I have been wanting to do a bunny now for a long time but have never managed to achieve "that look" the last one I did looked more like an alien and is now living somewhere out in trash world. So just last week I sat for over an hour sketching until I finally came up with little nishi.I also did a boy version so for the first time I actually have some thing to offer the boys. 
Well I must be of now as its bed time for the little and crafting time for me.
nooshka x

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