Sunday, July 25, 2010

Custom order for a special birthday girl

Meet Princess Pia, a custom order for a special birthday girl.When I was asked to do a white kitty in pink and lace I was so excited! I just love pink and I have a box filled with lovely laces.I enjoyed my self so much I kept on working till 1 in the morning.I hope she likes it.She has a beaded headpiece,pink tweed caplet,button front pinafore and crochet lace boots.She even has a little bag that can fit a little extra surprise.
Pia's beaded head piece
On another note.Today I attempted to design a new nooshka doll.I want a doll that I can have at a lower price point so I have to hold back on all the extra details to create a doll that is modern and stylized yet eye catching and effective.Sometimes it is the simple things that are most popular.The trick will be to use good fabric combination's.Unfortunately I have been bugged with a dreaded tooth ache.It has progressively gotten worse and now I have swelling in one side of my face.I'm pretty good with pain but when I have pain anywhere from the shoulders upwards I just crumble.So my doll has been put on hold until  I can get my tooth removed.The only thing I'm dreading now is the dentists bill.
"Princess Pia"
Pia's floral clutch
Button front pinafore

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Bubby Makes Three said...

Hi there, just thought I'd let you know I've featured some of your work on my blog today! I love all your stuff, but my little girl needs that gorgeous turquoise pillow most of all!! Love seeing talented Australian designers on Etsy... x Nicole