Saturday, August 28, 2010


Love is finding these absolutely gorgeous hair pieces! whats even better is that this is actually a pattern,guess who's getting lots of pretty hair pieces for Summer?
find these beauties and more at Snazziedrawers

Renovations,dolls and the start of something new?

So this week we have started renos on our tiny little kitchen.So far its been almost a couple of weeks without one and its starting to wear on me.The laundry which is also our bathroom has now become a laundry/bathroom/kitchen/pantry and its actually smaller than the average laundry.Our builder has been in and helped us with a few things and we are now up to the painting stage.I have actually just put down the brush after 5 hours so I reckon I desreved  a break.This weekend there will be more painting,laying the floating floor and we hope on Monday the kitchen will be installed? Ill keep you undated.
On the crafting front I have just completed a custom order and I just love the new color felt I used for the hair,Its the brightest aqua I have ever seen and it goes soooo well with pink.
 The other news is that I have done my first "sketch" of a painting I want to do.It will me a mix media painting with watercolors,inks and material.Ill keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mmm I love this,such a pretty vintage piece

I Love....

I just adore this etsy artist and fellow Aussie.Her colors are so organic and her lines so intricate.I think I am going to get Sofia a set for her room.

Finally its time to remove our horrible kitchen! So far its been a week without one and I'm coping o.k but nothing is ever easy especially when it comes to our house,I don't think we have one straight wall or one perfectly flat floor.Shouldn't be more than two weeks and we should be done?..I hope.

On  a more exciting note I have been busy with custom orders including these linen cushions with lots of free motion stitching which I just love doing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New line for the Ladies

 I have this card wallet,which I love! I scored it at the local op shop for 2 dollars and its even made of leather.The only thing is that its black and I'm not a black kinda girl.I like quirky girly things.The other thing is that it has no secure zipper compartment so keeping coins from falling out into the bottomless pit that is my bag is inevitable.

So today I decided that I would make my own.I measured it up and made quite a few silly mistakes along the way but It was heaps of fun to do and actually a lot easier than I thought.

This is my fabric combo,a retro print mixed with a little vintage floral,lace and a piece of linen with a young lady on the front.
Adding the base layer and the zipper on top of some stabilizer

 A little scalloped lace for the top of the card compartments

Binding the card compartment

 Putting all the layers together

Adding the binding around the edges

All done!

 And a couple more

All of these pretties are in the shop from today