Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reno update

This week we all got to work and as you can see the results are quite different. Believe it or not but these photos are taken from the same room.We knocked out the old bathroom as we already have one downstairs and extended it into the lobby to create a third bedroom.We also added a double window for extra light. The other two bedrooms are also done and they done and are looking fabulous!
On the craft front I am starting a new project tonight.She will be a stylish mouse made from 90% pure wool.Her clothes will be very similar to the nature dolls with an "A" line dress and capelet.
I cant wait for the finished product

Monday, February 8, 2010

My little ray of sunshine

And then the rain came...

So we are finally at our "new" house. After a difficult move and some battered bodies we where hoping for smooth sailing.On the day of the move the rain arrived and has stuck around ever since bringing all sorts of problems.From wet washing that never drys that turns that icky smell to almost 400mm of torrential rain that fell in one night.We have never had so much rain in 24 hours for over ten years.All roads leading off the mountain where swallowed by rain and cars,horses and boats washed away.The morning after the storm we arrived to a laundry drenched in over 10 cm off water. The garage also came off second best with a flood of muddy water washing through it and destroying most of our furniture.The worst part is that up on the mountain the weather gets so hot and humid that anything that gets wet and stays wet will soon have an unpleasant tinge of green to it.
Our now dirty soggy mattresses.Just a couple of things that have been ruined.

Renovations on the other hand have been a little slower than expected and our pockets are emptying a little faster than we would like.So far we have demolished the bathroom and replaced it with a small room for Sofia to sleep in.Most of the walls upstairs have a new coat of paint.We have chosen a color called whisper white and advised that all of our trims should be the same color.Apparently this is the new modern way of doing things and so far I would have to say that I'm thrilled with the results.Having the same color throughout the walls and trims has opened up the space. 

Taking out a little frustration on the bathroom.We had to stop after noise complaints from the neighbor.Not a good way to make new friends.

And replacing it with a little room for Sofia.Gotta love those bright banana trims!

Opening up the kitchen and dining area

My Mum is flying over from New Zealand to give us a hand and to get things in a more livable state.I'm off to pick her up this afternoon but I think shes going to be rather shocked to see the house in such a state,sorry Mum. Its going to be blow up mattresses and diners on the floor for a while.
We are looking forward to the finishing touches on the upstairs part of the house and the new carpet is arriving on Thursday.After that we we have somewhere clean and comfrtable to live untill downstairs is finished.
Cant wait to show you all the before and after pictures.
Yay! xx