Monday, September 28, 2009

bettsy Kingston

I just adore Bettsy Kingston! A talented etsian who lives in Brisbane,Austarlia. Hey that's just up the road from me...fancy a coffee and a catch up Bettsy?
Her baby bloomers are just the scummiest mix of beautiful prints and it doesn't matter what combination Bettsy comes up with it always seems to works and looks great too. I admire the way that Bettsy mixes florals, spots and even checks together with such confidence.I just wish I had a little baby girl to spoil, maybe one day soon?

I'm Back

Wow it seems like forever since I last posted! There has been a good reason though.Our computer decided to not cooperate and suddenly die.We lost everything including all of our photos! Thank goodness I have some on flicker and on etsy.Its amazing just how much I use and rely on my computer.It is also amazing just how much work can be done with no computer,all of those U.F.O's (Unfinished objects) suddenly looked appealing!
I manged to finish quilting a wall hanging for Sofia and complete a custom doll order.Tomorrow I will hopefully get some shots of the fairy wall hanging and some photos of a new doll to go in the shop?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off to France we go!

Yay! it seems to have taken me forever to get this order done,but at last they are all ready and in the next in couple of days will begin there journey to a little buotique in France.
Bonne journée

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pretty Kitty

Meet Aspen....a lil pretty kitty,
This is the kitty that almost didn't make it.The other day I found the softest white knit which I thought would be perfect for a kitty.The only thing was that it was really stretchy.So as I cut out my pattern I was careful to have the grain running the right way so she wasn't distorted.It was almost impossible to get that bump free finish and I almost gave up.Lucky I didn't as she ended up looking quite sweet.Then when I was just about to list her in the shop Sofia came home and immediately claimed her as her own.She adores her Aspen and she looks lovely on her bedside table.I know now  not to ever give up and to always see things through because you never know just how it will all come together in the end.
Sofia has just decided that she would like to share Aspen, but I think I will make her another as she did look rather nice in her room for the whole 30 minutes that she was there.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspirations in Print

Ever since I have started dolls I have always wanted to make them into artwork.Every doll I make has a story behind it and I could easily imagine them in illustrations.I have been researching about how to make art prints and I feel its going to be a steep learning curve.I am still going to create dolls but by the end of the year I hope to have a line of art prints in the shop.They will be whimsical and quirky and I will be mainly doing mixed media works with lots of layering of paint and fabric.Just looking at the beautiful artworks by such talented artists will have me working extra hard to achieve such a high standard.I love looking at art prints,for me its like taking a peak inside someones imagination.....fascinating the ideas some people come up with.
From upper left to Right

doll face

I never could of imagined how much I would fall in love with making dolls.Since April of this year I have made well over 60.Each one unique with its own story and character,thats the joy of making dolls...being able to express your inner child.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ruby-Lu and Daisy-Boo

Today I finished little miss Daisy-Boo,She along with ruby will soon be on their way to France.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pictured are some of the clothes I made before I started making dolls.I still love making clothes,especially summer dresses.I guess I still make clothes,just now teeny tiny ones.I also sold garments on etsy for a brief period called "the white lotus".Perhaps I will get into it again someday but for now I will stick to making clothes for Sofia's summer wardrobe. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ruby-Lu to a boutique in France
nooshka custom dolls
Just recently I have been doing a lot of custom orders.I thought it was about time to list a custom order doll in my shop just in case people where wondering why all of my dolls lately have been reserved.Hopefully this will help the customers who perhaps didn't want to ask come forward  and create their very own nooshka doll.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bridgette Bunny

Meet Bridgette Bunny, a charming little bunny who always gets what she wants...all she has to do is blink those big brown bunny eyes.

Fathers day

We took a long winding road to the top of the green mountains.Through tunnels of rain forests,blind corners and one lane roads.
Once at the top we where treated to magnificent views that stretched for miles,hot coffee and lunch with the local birds.

We then enjoyed the tree top walk.Sofia decided that she was now old enough to climb to the top of the canopy with her daddy.I was wearing a skirt so decided against the idea.

After the wildlife show we then had the pleasure of feeding the wild birds

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Do you like Lilly?Would you like to take part in the giveaway? Then click HERE and head on over to the lovely Skylar's candy clips for more info.Lilly will be featured tomorrow at Skylar's candy clipsThe giveaway has now started.I'm super excited!
Good luck x

Saturday, September 5, 2009


 Meet Bianca,a naughty little nooshka bunny.She has been playing in the rain.Bouncing in all the puddles and making a soggy mess of her new dress.Oh dear, what will mummy think?
In the shop today

Sofia's Dummy Ceremony

Today was the day that Sofia gave up her dummies.She is turning 4 this year and it was getting to the point of embarrassment.Even though for the past couple of years I have hated seeing one stuck in her mouth I admit that if I had the choice all over again I would still have used one.Sofia has always been a tricky one to get to sleep and no matter how much rocking and soothing I did nothing seemed to work.Sometimes she would scream for hours until one day I rang a parenting helpline in tears begging for help.Help came in the form of a wonderful child's nurse who assessed Sofia and said she had exhaustion and because she was so tired had also lost the strength to breast feed properly.I stayed in a facility for a total of two weeks trying to get my milk up and getting Sofia into a routine. Within the first hour I was handed her first dummy and there it stayed for almost four years to comfort her when she slept and to calm her when she had her "moments".So today we picked out two special balloons that would take her dummies that she has loved so much to the baby's in the sky.As we let them go it started to rain but we stood and watched them disappear into the clouds.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mini melt down

 My new wheat bag I made to help my neck.

Just lately I have felt a wash of exhaustion come over me.I have been trying to do to much at once and haven't paid attention to what my body has been trying to tell me "slow down".As well as being a busy mum I also work in a sewing shop,its takes over an hour to drive down off the mountain which is steep and winding all the way, so with two hours of travel and 8 hours of work there isn't much time for anything else.I used to love cooking these fantastic creative meals and would be organized to the point of having the weekly menu on the fridge and all the groceries ready and waiting in the cupboard.I cant remember the last time I did a "proper shop" Its all just grab and go which can be draining on the pocket.Then there's the house work which seems like its never ending and today when I was just about to get the washing in the heavens opened and saturated everything in a matter of minutes and now as I look out the window at my dripping washing all I can see is a clear blue sky and a a beaming ironic.Every spare moment I get I try and make more dolls  and often I'm up till midnight.I just wish I had one day a week where it was just me and the sewing machine without interruptions.But the main thing that has worn me down is my chronic neck pain,I even remember the day it all started,December 21st 2008 so I'm not far off the one year anniversary.I have no idea how it happened,I just woke up one morning aching all over and after two days of being sick I was left with neck pain at the top of my spine.Since then I have been to chiropractic,osteopaths,Bowen therapy and acupuncture and nothing seems to work.I refuse to want to blame it on my sewing because there is no way I want to give up on my one true passion but over the last week my neck has been so sore I cant even look down.I haven't sewn for the past week apart from the wheat bag I made last night.last night it was the fourth night in a row I went to bed just after Sofia.I'm hoping that after this short break I will feel rejuvenated and motivated again.Today I will start by doing a proper food shop so that I feel organized,get up to scratch with the mountain of washing and then relax with a nice hot wheat bag draped around my neck and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.