Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello again

Well it sure has been a long time since I blogged anything here.Not that I had nothing to share with you,quite the opposite really.Lately my time has been filled with work,renovations,a busy four year old and in the background I have been busy still building my stock up for the Mathilda's markets.Things are progressing well and I feel by August I will have a very full stand.I'm still figuring out how to set up my stand? I have this crazy  idea to make a silhouette of a tree made from ply.I think when it is sanded back and painted white it will look amazing with all my little birdie mobiles hanging from it.Next I will try and find some vintage suitcases and wooden boxes.Ahhh so much to do!

Above is one of my little owls I designed from one of my drawings.I'm so much happier with the look of this owl softie in comparison to my earlier owl creations
Last years owls

I have also been making my "dasha hounds".These guys are my first attempt at designing a 3D softie from my drawings.I had too make about four to get the 'Look" I was after. I first tried to carve the shape from foam which took me two days then I planned to drape and pin the fabric into place to get the pattern shape.Well the foam dog ended up in the bin and I gave myself a firm talking too.I kept on telling myself that there was no way I could possibly make a 3D softie from just a drawing,hence the foam dog but when I actually sat down and thought about it I found it wasn't that hard at all. I had to make a few prototypes which for me was hard because I'm not a prototyper, I like things to be right the first time. The first fell flat on his face but with each attempt he stood stronger and I guess I did too because now I know how to get that 3D shape and I have Taken my softies that little step further. 

Next I have been making "Herb Tea Bunnies" These are just perfect for little ones to snuggle up to when the nights get a little chilly. They are made from linen with cotton print ears and have safety eyes attached. I filled them with organic wheat grain and sprinkled through organic cinnamon quills and cloves for that rich warming aroma. I also have other bunnies with camomile and passion flower so that they release a relaxing scent to aid with sleep. Heat the bunnies for 2 minutes in the microwave and you have a warm little bunny friend to take to bed. They can also be put in a plastic bag in the freezer for bumps and bruises. I would love to sell them in the etsy shop but unfortunately they are very heavy and contain plant matter so they will be making there way to my market stand in August.Perfect for winter.

And finally after 8 long months I have made a nooshka doll. After making so many last year I think I burnt myself out.I still cant believe its been so long but I think while Ive been away my creativity has grown.This year the nooshka dolls have a winter feel. The cape has been incorporated to match the head color so it looks like a little hood.The buns are now  proper little bun shapes and not so 2D.The shoes have changed into tweed winter boots.I'm planning to make around ten for the stand.
 I also have my Birdie mobiles that I have been working on.I'm also going to do some fishy mobiles which are still in the design process.I would post a photo of the finished mobiles but I think I will leave these as a surprise.