Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

Well firstly I must apologize for my lack of posts.The last few months of this year have been rather difficult.The  problems with my neck pain peeked at the wrong time and I can now officially say that I have had chronic neck pain for a year! worst of all though is that know one seems to know what is causing it.So as you could imagine it has impacted on almost everything in my life which at the moment is a lot.So in desperation for relief I was given Codeine with no effect and then Valium and just recently morphine.I have only just recovered from the side effects of morphine which left me vomiting for four days in between constant sleep.So for now I am sticking to panadole and will be looking forward to my C.T scan in the new year.As all this was going on we managed to purchase a little house on the mountain.Its a lot of work but it has lots of potential and the position is perfect.The garage will become my studio so at last I will have some decent space.My etsy shop is now on vacation and I would imagine it will stay that way until at least mid February.I have a feeling that next year will be a very productive year with the new house,etsy and I will be studying digitizing so I can teach it at work and hopefuly if Im good enough, digitize some of of my own embroidery designs to be sewn out on the sewing machine.
So next year it will be a mixed bag of posts including-photoshop,photography,renovation before and after pictures,crafting,digitizing and my every day life.Hope to see you all again in the new year.Wishing you all Love,Health and happiness x

Photoshop eyelashes

If your a fan of photoshop then you will fall in love with these eyelash brushes from obsidian dawn.Not only can you down load loads of extra brushes but they also have heaps of neat backgrounds as well.
I tested the brushes out on my own eyes and even being a novice I found them very simple to use as they also come with instructions.Happy holidays xx

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O.k so I'll admit it. I am now officially a "twilight addict".Ive watched twilight so many times Ive lost count...Maybe 6 or seven times and new moon three times.I hum twilight tunes in my head constantly and as you can see I have cullenized a photo of myself.The last time I was this obsessed with a movie series was the lord of the rings.I reckon I have a thing for fantasy movies. I like to feel myself getting taken away into another world.