Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well it has again been a while since my last post so I thought I would put in an update.
Things have still been very busy since Xmas and I still feel like I haven't caught my breathe yet. I have been busy finding new tenants for our rented home as we are about to move into our own house this weekend. As you can imagine all I have been doing is packing and planning for the big move.Our little house is in a wonderful spot,just a minutes walk to all the cute crafty shops and good coffee but it is defiantly a case of "worst house in the best street". So bad is our new home that we have to move into the garage until we get things sorted out. Renovations include a new kitchen,a new bathroom,removing the upstairs bathroom,knocking out walls,painting,carpet,new plumbing,garden makeover,replace the I will make sure I put up lots of before and after photos for you.
Good news is that I have started sewing again and already I am accumulating a pile a lovely Kimonos, wraps, bloomers and pants and I will also make plenty more dolls.I wasn't planning on making anything for a while but I found the most gorgeous fabric range and I just couldn't wait to make some items from it.Its been a long time since I've found material that's inspired me to sew.I now have to adjust to less sleep becuase every time I sit and sew in the evening I get on this wierd mini high and cant get to sleep untill midnight. It feels great to have the spark back.

I am still keen on photography and have been taking some lovely pictures over Xmas.Just recently I took my four little cousins to dreamworld and managed to get some great pictures.Im still grasping photoshop but I feel that its all starting to make sense now.
Ive actually just finished some cute pantaloons for Sofia and some lounge pants for my friends son which are looking great but again I'm on my little high and cant get to sleep.Perhaps a nice chamomile tea will do the trick? Goodnight for now ( ;