Friday, July 31, 2009

Candy colors

My candy colors,left to right: Button a large nooshka doll, Bindi the pram/plush pillow,Misha a large nooshka doll, Ruby with her little pet birdie, cheeky owl wall hanging and flora a applique owl cushion

Around the house

Pictures taken from my sewing room and Sofia's bedroom.Sofia's room is almost completed apart from a quilted and painted wall hanging that I cant wait to share.I have also started on my own sewing room instead of just wishing I had a pretty space to create in.Ive started with the easy things like a new candy colored ironing board cover and sweet little polka dot jar covers.Next I'm painting and covering my chair and hopefully sourcing some cute wooden bird houses that I can paint up and put on the wall.Tomorrows project is to make a vision board which will be painted in white and embellished in lace and flowers.

Custom nooshka doll

This is a custom doll for a customer of mine.The difference with this doll is the mixing of felt and hand drawn details on the face.After dying the doll and while she was still wet I applied the permanent pastels then baked her in the oven for 5 minutes so that she became heat set.I'm thrilled with the result and will do many more in this way.Secondly all the clothes can be taken off as she will come with three complete outfits including,scarf,leg warmers,shoes,tutus,skirts,hair band and a long dress.She will also have a removable necklace.I think this is a good idea so that they aren't just a pretty art piece but something that can be enjoyed with gentle play.

Blister in the sun


Any one that knows me will no that I am particularly clumsy when it comes to handling hot stuff so to add to my many burns I would like to introduce you to my new one.This is my burn from my hot glue gun the other night.Usually if I get a blob of hot glue on my fingers I am quick enough to rub it off before it burns, and trust me I'm pretty good at it as I've had plenty of practice.But this time I was too slow and unlike other times this one had to be an extra large blob.I was so slow in fact that I had to leave the glue attached while I ran it under cold water.I then peeled it off along with you no what and now I have the biggest blister to show for it.But I am impressed with my patience to resist the urge to pop it.Ahhh the dangers of being a crafter!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just for a day?

These are some more pictures of my favorite studios.In a perfect world mine would look like this.Lots of whites with candy colors.I have quite a way to go if I want something that even slightly resembles these pictures. "One day" thats what I keep telling myself?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


WOW! can I just say that this artist is incredibly talented.This style is so beautiful I must of spent a good thirty minutes just looking at every piece! I couldn't help myself and a set of these would be perfect in my daughters bedroom,hey I'm almost tempted to put them up in mine.And as the shop title says these pictures are just gorjuss

Owls for everyone

This cute little owlet is from etsy seller minelolly.Not only dose she have these pretty little owls in her shop but other unique characters like the singing squirrel who I think is absolutely adorable.
This gorgeous girl is from etsy seller Aprilfloss.Shes so bright and cheerful, just looking at her makes me smile.Just love the colors and patterns used.This has to be one of my favorites.

This darling owl plush is from etsy seller buttercupbloom.She upcycles all of her materials to create these wonderful plushies which I love.I could imagine this one on my couch amongst lots of snuggly cushions.

A couple of my owls.Blossom on the left and Meg on the right.Applique techniques have been used in both of them.I hope to do a tutorial on applique in the near future.
nooshka x

Lil Miss Polka Dot

This is etsy seller lilmisspolkadot.Lilmispolkadot lives in Spain and does these most wonderful hand painted items for your little ones room.She also dose customized paintings so you can be sure that yours is a true one of a kind.I could imagine a few of these in my daughters room,I love the colors that she has used and at the moment I'm really going for the little birdie theme.

Wholesale for little home shop

"Mieko" one of my favorite nature dolls
"Bobbi" one of four nature dolls that went to Switzerland
They all went to a shop called the "little home shop"

Monday, July 27, 2009

"Courtney" the french kitty

This is Courtney,A little french kitty.Made from Linen and lots of whimsical fabrics.She has lovely long limbs and is a delicate creature made especially for little girls.She is quite tall measuring over 20 inches from her little ears right down to her kitty toes.Turn her over and she even has little paw prints on her hands and feet......puuurrrfect.She is available in the shop from today.

The making of "Courtney" the French Kitty

This is a little sneak peak into the makings of one of my kitty's.The pictures aren't great but I plan on adding tutorials later on for techniques like applique,making cushions with zippers and lots of hints and tips.
I decided to do a kitty today and the first thing I thought about was what colors and materials I wanted to use.I often use florals and almost always a stripe or polka dot.I look for a common elements in the colors so that it all ties together.I also like to use lace and ribbon,tulle or felt to bring in some interesting texture.I start by marking my pattern on to the body,I use a water soluble pen so that the marks can be erased later.I then sew along the lines I have drawn and then cut around them after wards.This is alot easier than cutting them out first.Once the limbs are stuffed I then sew them into the body using a triple straight stitch for added strength.Make sure you have a zipper foot on so you can get nice and close to the edge and don't forget to move your needle across, just change your width to move your needle position.Now I stuff the body and then hand stitch the opening.The trick to getting a smooth finish is only stuffing small amounts in at a time,about the size of a cotton ball.Now comes the bit I love.I do the face first,I draw it on first with the water erasable pen so if I make a mistake I can start again.Once I'm happy I can make it permanent.I use a fabric medium then I apply the pencil on top.They have to be a special pencil.The ones I use are called Derwent inktense pencils and these are permanent.Then its time to get dressed and to embellish!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love 'Tea princess'

This is tea princess.An Australian designer with the most dreamy outfits for little girls.So perfect for little teparties and all things girly.
I love all soft soft colors they use.So sweet and innocent
So adorable

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Binky Bunnys

These are my little Binky bunny's.Inspired by lots of long flights back home to New Zealand.Sofia always used to fall asleep(thank goodness) with me supporting her head.So I thought a practical little soft toy that doubled as a pillow would be the perfect solution.They also have a little pocket in the back with a pillow slip to protect the little bunny from the copious amount of drool that kids tend to make.They are also small enough to not take up half the baby bag.Hopefully I will have some more in my shop soon
nooshka x


I recently found this talented etsy seller, Napkitten sells the most adorable little coin purses made with the softest wool.These little cuties are hand felted and finished to a high standard.Now I love getting out my purse at the shops so I can use up all that spare change that use to float around in the bottom of my handbag.

Studio Heaven

So yummy I could eat it!

This studio is like a dream.I would love to have something like this to work in but I'm not sure how productive I would be?I wouldn't want to mess it up.Even looking at these pictures makes me feel happy,I could only imagine how it must feel to spend a day creating in a space like this?

My new dress

I loved this dress that Lily Allen wore in her her music video "the fear".So when I saw this cute stretch vintage pattern I just had to make it and attach a cute little lily style bow.
Next time I will make it from cotton so I can add a little flair to the bottom.

Next on the agenda

So Im planning on doing some french kitty's.Stripes lace and little hats.They should be posted in the next couple of days and will look similar to this little kitty but with french flair.I also plan to do more of the large nooshka dolls as I have some more ideas.Ill keep you posted
nooshka x

Dolly dearest

After 10 years I am playing with dolls again.So I have to admit that yes I was still playing with dolls up to the age of fifteen.
I have begun making dolls because I love giving them all a different personality.I get to think about the hair and "make up" and get to play dress ups.Its sooo much fun and in the past four months I have made over 50.I am still going strong and find my inspiration from whats around me but also from whats with in me.Some dolls express the way I have been feeling.So far I have not made a grumpy doll.But lately I have been making allot of "sleepy dolls" funny that!

Dolls ,Dolls and more dolls

Madame butterfly
Ruby Rose