Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New line for the Ladies

 I have this card wallet,which I love! I scored it at the local op shop for 2 dollars and its even made of leather.The only thing is that its black and I'm not a black kinda girl.I like quirky girly things.The other thing is that it has no secure zipper compartment so keeping coins from falling out into the bottomless pit that is my bag is inevitable.

So today I decided that I would make my own.I measured it up and made quite a few silly mistakes along the way but It was heaps of fun to do and actually a lot easier than I thought.

This is my fabric combo,a retro print mixed with a little vintage floral,lace and a piece of linen with a young lady on the front.
Adding the base layer and the zipper on top of some stabilizer

 A little scalloped lace for the top of the card compartments

Binding the card compartment

 Putting all the layers together

Adding the binding around the edges

All done!

 And a couple more

All of these pretties are in the shop from today


Cat Soup said...

Those are fabulous!

Jane and Lou said...

Hello, I just became your 81st follower...yay! Please check out my blog @ Jane:)