Sunday, August 8, 2010

My first big milestone

Today I reached my first 100 sales! I never imagined that I would ever get to this point.I used to see other sellers that had sold over 100 products and wondered how it must feel? I can tell you it feels pretty great,kinda hard to believe at the moment. The most important thing I learnt has been to keep working on and refining  products until I had made something that was just a little bit different.Secondly would have to be photos and how important they are.Also re listing and adding things constantly so not to get buried amongst every thing else.Foe the rest of this year I plan on sourcing really great fabrics including some leather for clutches and maybe experimenting with little girls accessories.


janil said...

Congratulations!!!I love your work!

Cat Soup said...

Congrats! You stuff is just wonderful! I'm trying to work on my photos myself. If you have any photo pointers for this small time Etsyan, I'd love to hear them. <3

Jane and Lou said...

wow, your work is lovely, so please do a line for little girl accessories. Am off to check out the rest of your blog... Jane