Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello weekend

Well as you could have guessed by the lack of photos, I have not yet received my new baby.Hopefully my camera will arrive on Monday so I can get practicing.It has given me plenty of time though to research a new lens that I'm already planning to buy.See the photos I really want to achieve need a portrait lens.I would really like my subject to be sharp and in focus and the background  soft and blurry.The only trouble is that I didn't realize just how much this would cost me! I new that they would be expensive but no matter how hard I look they all seem to be around the 1000.00 mark! Yikes I better start doing some more dolls! So this weekend instead of playing with my new camera I am doing what I should be and that is creating and concentrating on the dolls for the Switzerland shop and a couple for the etsy shop.But first I am heading out for a coffee with my dear friend at the local cafe...then I'll get started. Hope you all have a lovely and productive weekend too.


Tonya and Casey said...

LOVE the sight of those dolls!! Look at how yummy. Totally know what you mean about a camera... SO worth it but SO expensive!

Casey Raymond, A.k.a Boo said...

Totally agree,sooo expensive but oh so worth it! Do you have a SLR Tonya?