Thursday, October 8, 2009

My new treat!!

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I'm absolutely bursting at the seams to tell someone about my new toy! In a couple of days I will have my new SLR D90 Nikon camera.Its been on my wish list for four years and last night I thought "why not" So I just did it and I have never felt so excited. What made it even better is that its been entirely funded with my craft.There was no need to ask permission or justify the purchase to anyone and even if I had to I would say its more like an investment.The only thing that customers have to view of my product is a photo and to get the type of photos needed with my little hand held camera can be very time consuming.Now I will just have to learn how to operate it,but you now what they say "practice makes perfect" I just feel sorry for the people that have to sit and look through my huge pile of photos?


Sherryl said...

Yay for you Casey! I love all your pictures already - I'm sure that you will have even more spectacular ones now!

thereddeer said...

Yay! How exciting :D

Casey Raymond, A.k.a Boo said...

Yeah I feel like a little kid waiting for xmas.I'm really nervous though because its coming in the mail.I always have that worry that perhaps it will never come,lets hope it arrives before the weekend?