Friday, September 4, 2009

Mini melt down

 My new wheat bag I made to help my neck.

Just lately I have felt a wash of exhaustion come over me.I have been trying to do to much at once and haven't paid attention to what my body has been trying to tell me "slow down".As well as being a busy mum I also work in a sewing shop,its takes over an hour to drive down off the mountain which is steep and winding all the way, so with two hours of travel and 8 hours of work there isn't much time for anything else.I used to love cooking these fantastic creative meals and would be organized to the point of having the weekly menu on the fridge and all the groceries ready and waiting in the cupboard.I cant remember the last time I did a "proper shop" Its all just grab and go which can be draining on the pocket.Then there's the house work which seems like its never ending and today when I was just about to get the washing in the heavens opened and saturated everything in a matter of minutes and now as I look out the window at my dripping washing all I can see is a clear blue sky and a a beaming ironic.Every spare moment I get I try and make more dolls  and often I'm up till midnight.I just wish I had one day a week where it was just me and the sewing machine without interruptions.But the main thing that has worn me down is my chronic neck pain,I even remember the day it all started,December 21st 2008 so I'm not far off the one year anniversary.I have no idea how it happened,I just woke up one morning aching all over and after two days of being sick I was left with neck pain at the top of my spine.Since then I have been to chiropractic,osteopaths,Bowen therapy and acupuncture and nothing seems to work.I refuse to want to blame it on my sewing because there is no way I want to give up on my one true passion but over the last week my neck has been so sore I cant even look down.I haven't sewn for the past week apart from the wheat bag I made last night.last night it was the fourth night in a row I went to bed just after Sofia.I'm hoping that after this short break I will feel rejuvenated and motivated again.Today I will start by doing a proper food shop so that I feel organized,get up to scratch with the mountain of washing and then relax with a nice hot wheat bag draped around my neck and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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Sherryl said...

Take a deep breath and relax. The things that can wait, can wait. Your family and yourself take precedence over everything else. If you can, go to bed a little earlier or wake up a little later. It does wonders on the body and mind!