Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sofia's Dummy Ceremony

Today was the day that Sofia gave up her dummies.She is turning 4 this year and it was getting to the point of embarrassment.Even though for the past couple of years I have hated seeing one stuck in her mouth I admit that if I had the choice all over again I would still have used one.Sofia has always been a tricky one to get to sleep and no matter how much rocking and soothing I did nothing seemed to work.Sometimes she would scream for hours until one day I rang a parenting helpline in tears begging for help.Help came in the form of a wonderful child's nurse who assessed Sofia and said she had exhaustion and because she was so tired had also lost the strength to breast feed properly.I stayed in a facility for a total of two weeks trying to get my milk up and getting Sofia into a routine. Within the first hour I was handed her first dummy and there it stayed for almost four years to comfort her when she slept and to calm her when she had her "moments".So today we picked out two special balloons that would take her dummies that she has loved so much to the baby's in the sky.As we let them go it started to rain but we stood and watched them disappear into the clouds.


Amber said...

ooooh... that is a very smart way to get rid of those. Nice.

Casey said...

We all need our comfort objects sometimes!! What a sweet way of saying goodbye.

What's REALLY embarrassing is that Em is almost four and I STILL have not set up the big girl bed.... She can jump in and out on her own. Now that is sad. haha!!

I hope she is doing alright without it!!

Casey Raymond, A.k.a Boo said...

I guess once they say goodbye to those little things you realize just how fast they have grown up.Sometimes its hard to accept but Sofia will always be my baby girl.She is also doing great without them and has asked a coupe of times if I thought the babies had there presents.

Bright & Bubbly said...

That was such a wonderful idea! We will have to catch up again soon. Oh and i have made some overalls he he he