Monday, August 3, 2009

Pinboard revamp

So I said that I was going to revamp a tired old pin board? Well as you can see it is finished and looking pretty perched up behind my sewing machine.I really should of taken a picture but I'm sure you've all seen a boring brown pin board.I painted it in sable pink which looks like a soft white and then dry brushed the edges in blush,I then purchased a would cutout of the word "create " and painted this too.In the top corner I made some large Suffolk puffs and stitched some felt leaves.I then screwed in some white hooks in the top so I could attach my gingham ribbon for hanging. Then using my trusty old glue gun I stuck it all on with a little splash of buttons under "create" and a tulle bow to cover the hook that it is hanging on..Wa la!
Total cost $15.00
Next is the office chair

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prettypanda said...

Your desk is so clean, pretty, and organized. Role model for me! Also, your board is so cute! I love the flower decorations! How cheerful! This will be one of the best teacher's gifts or Back to School items!