Monday, August 3, 2009

The new chair

Today I renovated an old office chair.It was black with tired old Grey chair pad.Since I have been slowly doing up my sewing space I simply had to either buy a new chair or work with what I already had.It worked perfectly fine apart from the accumulation of fabric and thread wound up in the casters so it seemed such a waist to throw it away.First I had to take it all apart and remove the old grey material. So now all I had to do was pick a pretty fabric and pull it tight around the chair pad and staple it on with a heavy duty staple gun. I used a enamel paint and painted about three coats to get a smooth white coverage and while I was waiting for the paint to dry I did the tedious job of removing all that thread.Then I just assembled it all together and there I had it, a beautiful and functional chair that would have other wise gone to waist.
Total cost $6.00
Next is a large thread rack

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libu said...

great job on the chair, so girly and pink!!!