Monday, August 17, 2009

Gallery walk

This is our Main street on the mountain called "GALLERY WALK" it's easy to see why as you take a stroll down the street you will see candy shops, coffee shops and craft stores on your left and right and they stretch from one end of the street all the way down to the fig tree roundabout.I love the charm and character of all the stores,the aroma of coffee and the bustle of visitors that come up from the coast for a taste of a life that is a little slower paced. Spring has come early this year and we are all ready experiencing record temperatures so it was lovely to take a stroll down the street and enjoy the blue skies and fresh air.So today Sofia and I went and tasted cheese at the cheese factory and then we treated ourselves to fresh fruit salad sorbet. We dropped into Ingrid's craft shop to get some supplies. Ingrid always insists we stay for a coffee and she always spoils us with cake.Sofia occupy's herself with all of Ingrid's cute crafting supplies while we sit behind the counter and have a good gossip, not a bad way to fill in an afternoon I say.

This little shop is called "legal addictions" they sell organic coffee, organic handmade chocolates and organic skincare all sourced from the mountain.The coffee is made and served outside to make the most of our beautiful surroundings.

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