Friday, July 31, 2009

Blister in the sun


Any one that knows me will no that I am particularly clumsy when it comes to handling hot stuff so to add to my many burns I would like to introduce you to my new one.This is my burn from my hot glue gun the other night.Usually if I get a blob of hot glue on my fingers I am quick enough to rub it off before it burns, and trust me I'm pretty good at it as I've had plenty of practice.But this time I was too slow and unlike other times this one had to be an extra large blob.I was so slow in fact that I had to leave the glue attached while I ran it under cold water.I then peeled it off along with you no what and now I have the biggest blister to show for it.But I am impressed with my patience to resist the urge to pop it.Ahhh the dangers of being a crafter!

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