Saturday, August 28, 2010

Renovations,dolls and the start of something new?

So this week we have started renos on our tiny little kitchen.So far its been almost a couple of weeks without one and its starting to wear on me.The laundry which is also our bathroom has now become a laundry/bathroom/kitchen/pantry and its actually smaller than the average laundry.Our builder has been in and helped us with a few things and we are now up to the painting stage.I have actually just put down the brush after 5 hours so I reckon I desreved  a break.This weekend there will be more painting,laying the floating floor and we hope on Monday the kitchen will be installed? Ill keep you undated.
On the crafting front I have just completed a custom order and I just love the new color felt I used for the hair,Its the brightest aqua I have ever seen and it goes soooo well with pink.
 The other news is that I have done my first "sketch" of a painting I want to do.It will me a mix media painting with watercolors,inks and material.Ill keep you posted.

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BettsyKingston said...

Love the colours ready for spring! I had my kitchen renovated about a month ago. Was so glad to get out of the laundry when it was done.