Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reno update

This week we all got to work and as you can see the results are quite different. Believe it or not but these photos are taken from the same room.We knocked out the old bathroom as we already have one downstairs and extended it into the lobby to create a third bedroom.We also added a double window for extra light. The other two bedrooms are also done and they done and are looking fabulous!
On the craft front I am starting a new project tonight.She will be a stylish mouse made from 90% pure wool.Her clothes will be very similar to the nature dolls with an "A" line dress and capelet.
I cant wait for the finished product


Sherryl said...

I love Sofia's new quilt - it is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the new mouse line!

Casey Raymond, A.k.a Boo said...

Thanks sherryl! Im itching to get the little mousy done too.Hope everything is well with you xx

Philippa said...

Hey Casey, it's Philippa - I met you at Bev Gorry's today with my little girl Louka. Cannot seem to see an email address on here - can you comment it so I can email you. LOVE your dolls - they are amazing.
Philippa x

Casey Raymond, A.k.a Boo said...

Hey Phillipa, my email is
look forward to hearing from you soon