Saturday, October 17, 2009

And off they go!

This order has taken me about 3 weeks to complete.Now finally the girls are all set for Geneva where they will be sold in a boutique.They seem to be doing well and the shop I stock in Paris will be opening next month.I would never have thought that something that I had made would be sold on the other side of the world.It just shows you the powerful the internet is, I love it!


Melinda said...

These dolls are so beautiful. With quite a few of the softies and dolls on the net I think "yeah, I could make that". But not these ones, there's no way I could make these. They are totally gorgeous!


Rachelle said...

Beautiful! Love those long legs! BTW your photo's are looking good, hope your enjoying your new camera.

Sarah-Jo said...

they are so dainty and pretty!
The blushing cheeks and pretty pink mouth, the sweet lil scarfs and capes, the long stockin'd legs with matching black mary janes.....these so belong in a boutique in paris!
congrats on your success you deserve it, your work is imaginative and executed with perfection!
I will have to order a few for my daughter (and myself) soon but Im yet to decide which one I love best!

Tonya and Casey said...

SOOO adorable!!! LOVE!