Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday in the sun

Today was the perfect day to hit the beach.It was so nice not having to layer on the clothes, I always feel relaxed when summer rolls around.I love the sticky air and hearing the crickets at night. I love being able to hang out a load of washing and knowing that it will be dry in a couple of hours.Then again it means that I have to get it in a and fold it sooner too...right?
So we went down to our favorite beach at Burliegh with a picnic and watched people enjoy there Sunday.One group was having a beautiful beach side wedding,another large group of people where dancing away to African drumming music while another group where enjoying dancing to some live salsa music.The atmosphere was buzzing and I'm sure now even late at night they are still all down there.The water was still cold from the winter but Alexie and Sofia jumped right in.Afterwards we headed into town for sorbet and then we enjoyed a peaceful drive back up the mountain with Sofia sound asleep.Ahhhh just perfect

The beach proved to be a popular place.

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